Easy DIY Furniture Redo

One of my favorite things to do is to play around with the décor in my house. We’re constantly re-arranging and changing things up throughout the seasons. Sometimes this can seem daunting or expensive, but not if you have an eye for DIY. I think there’s a time for spending money for certain pieces in your house; ones you will use daily ie your couch, tv, mattress, but I also think some décor pieces can work just as great in a space even if they are vintage or repurposed.

            I have found a myriad of things for our house from thrift stores, yard sales, and hand-me-downs! I think you need to start by keeping up to date with styles and trends that are popular today. A great way to do that is with Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Southern Living, and even new furniture designers such as the amazing Emily McCarthy and Dunes & Duchess. I love to see what other people are creating in their own homes, and am inspired to create my own unique look within our home. My overall style is Farmhouse chic with a pop of color.

            One of my favorite pieces that I transformed last year is a great example of using thrift store items and giving them new life. I really wanted to bring the coral color that is accented in the rest of our living room around the rest of the space but wasn’t sure quite how to tackle it, especially since it is a small area in between our sliding glass door and laundry door.

            I stumbled upon this wooden 70’s corner-shelving piece at a Goodwill stop that worked great for adding a feature yet not monopolizing space. I had seen several wood items that look drab but after being given a fresh paint coat really popped and came to life! It was priced at $15 so it was definitely within budget.

            The piece was a little tall for my space, so I took a closer look an noticed that the spindles connecting each level’s shelf were screwed in. I removed the top 3 spindles and switched out the 2nd shelf for the top shelf so that my top level didn’t have empty screw holes showing. I bought 2 cans of coral spray paint at Walmart and went to town with the piece! As that first spray adhered, I knew I was in love! It was the perfect pop for my little corner! I put some of my favorite pieces on it, and some that carried the right colors and called this DIY complete!

            This was such an easy, economical fix that rapidly became one of my favorite pieces in the room. So I encourage all of you to pop in your local thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales and look with an open mind. Think, could paint give this piece the face-lift it needs? Could popping in a new seat cushion transform this bench? Could whitewashing this frame give my space a more cohesive feel? Worth a second look!


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