An Afternoon Apple Picking

With the beginning of September upon us, we decided to take the girls’ apple picking last weekend for their first time, and maybe even mine!

I did a little research of the Orchards around us, and chose Hillcrest Orchards. It’s in Ellijay, Ga about an 1-1.5hr from Atlanta. It’s family owned and operated, has U pick apples, pig races, a live band, wagon rides, plus lots of food and sweets. There is a $15 admission per person for walking age and up, fyi.

It was recommended to me to bring along a wagon and that, I thought, ended up being great for the two littles. I also brought along a little basket that I had, so that Palmer could easily put her apples into it and carry it around with her a little more easily than the plastic bag they give you. It also looked a lot cuter for any pictures haha.

I had also packed a blanket for them to have to sit on if need be and have snacks or rest. In a safe spot, I had also packed a little knife to cut some apple slices to snack on if they wanted me to but both seem to enjoy eating them whole (after I rinsed them off).

I would look into the weather for the day that you want to go and what time of day would be best. We went after the girls napped and it was a little warmer that afternoon, so if possible you may want to make the trip one morning to enjoy the hints of fall that we get that early.

We told Palmer in advance that we were going to give her a certain number that she would be allowed to pick and also that whatever she picked off the tree, we would have to keep and put in our basket and pay for, so it was important to be sure before she picked. She actually did great and was very particular!

One thing to note, If you have any wasp or yellow jacket allergies at all you may want to be cautious. There were many here and there in spots where dropped fruit was spoiling, as they were eating the fruit. My husband has a pretty severe allergy so that part was a little nerve racking as we went through the field. We always bring along his Epipen in situations like that so we’re prepared.

I’ve always loved holidays as a kid and as an adult, but after having children of my own, I try my best to give them every experience I can. This is a little more difficult in a post Covid world, but places like this that are out in the open and have some space between other people (fields weren’t crowded at all) are great times to give them a little normalcy back.

The days prior to Apple Picking, I made some fun activities for Palmer and I to do together, and she loved it. Most of these just required things we had such as construction paper, scissors, tape, markers and glue dots. I wanted to make some activities that helped her work on her numbers, as well as color and shape recognition but also wanted to get her excited about this time of year. Most of these were inspired by @ohheyletsplay account, and Palmer loved them! Cant wait to make these for both girls next year.

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