Palmer’s Princess and the Pea Party

We had so much fun celebrating our big three year old this past weekend! One of Palmer's favorite books is the Princess and the Pea; we've got three different versions that she loves, and have even checked out the Spanish version from the library recently. When I began to think about her birthday party and … Continue reading Palmer’s Princess and the Pea Party

DIY Dining Room Chair Redo

Back in May, I picked up some dining chairs at Goodwill I planned to redo and recover. I finally got around to it this weekend. I found this set of 4 chairs for $6.99 a chair and figured it was worth a try! I liked the cane detail on the back and on most of … Continue reading DIY Dining Room Chair Redo

What I’ve learned from being a Caregiver

Happy Friday Y’all! So as many of y’all know, I work part time as a caregiver for my mother who suffers from Dementia, Aphasia, and Parkinson’s. As tough as this trial has been, God has truly blessed my family and I with so many blessings throughout. During my devotion recently, I realized some of the things … Continue reading What I’ve learned from being a Caregiver