Summer Wedding Road Trip

With Summer approaching, it seems as though road trips are beckoning! As we arrived in Mississippi last week for a college friend’s wedding weekend, I was inspired to share with y’all some of my travel style. My mom was always so great with exuding her personal style, even on the most mundane days. I try to do the same, especially on road trips. I’m an avid scenic-route-taker, who would make a hard right just to grab a picture of something beautiful along the way! I won’t hesitate to stop and get some shots of landmarks or even of us on the way to our destination. Here are some of my picks for travel attire that leaves you chic and ready for a memorable summer road trip!

I’ve tagged some adorable pieces that I just love, several of which I have, and they are so versatile I can wear them as a set or separately. I think it’s a must to bring along some white jeans or shorts because you can use them several times throughout your trip with different tops, and save space in doing so! I especially love that these are high-waisted because it allows you to pair it with all types of tops, including your cropped items! I always like to carry along some kind of jacket or sweater for when we stop in somewhere to shop or eat along the way. Without fail, it’s freezing inside because of it heating up outside, (note: I’m cold natured) so I like to come prepared!

Also a must for me to bring along is my camera. I would say the investment in a nice Nikon or Canon is worth it. Also, the best thing I bought a couple years ago is an Eye-Fi Mobi card that goes in place of my memory card. You download the corresponding app and it allows you download your photos from the camera straight to your phone! For me this is great because I can immediately share them with friends and family or even upload to social media.

Untitled #4


Now onto the wedding weekend! I love to mix it up with styles throughout the weekend. Usually I’ll choose something trendy for the rehearsal dinner but stay pretty classic for the wedding day. I like to do this because most of the pictures you take with friends will be at the wedding, your trendy pieces may be in style now, but down the road you may think, “what was I wearing?”
For the rehearsal dinner I chose a black cape dress, banana leaf bag, and a cute velvet choker. The wedding day style is a more feminine look with a lace set, pearl earrings, and Ivory clutch with scalloped edges. I like to end the weekend with a casual comfy dress that also hides a weekend full of junk food and cheat meals! Throw on some cute tassel earrings and you’re set!
Wedding weekend


Wedding weekends are some of my favorite times of the year. A time to relax, catch up with old friends, and of course, cut-up the dance floor! I hope this helps you plan out your next trip, and save a little time packing your bag.

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