Blue and White Pumpkin Craft

I had read about doing this Napkin & Pumpkin DIY from Grand Millennial Home Deals instagram and just had to try it for myself. I ordered several pumpkins and chinoiserie napkins on Amazon, and already had some Mod Podge on hand.

Supplies you will need are just that; some plastic or any kind of faux pumpkin, some napkins with a pattern you like, some Mod Podge and a brush to apply. The only other thing that might be helpful is something sharp like an ice pick or metal skewer for the end.

After you get all your materials handy, you are first going to take your napkins down to one ply. I knew to do this and I still forgot at first. My napkins looked so much like they were one piece it was misleading, but with a little wiggling, I was able to separate them into two and discard the plain piece.

Next, you are going to want to remove the stem of the pumpkin. This should come out with a little twisting. You’ll set that aside and use it again at the very end.

First I laid out my napkin face down. Then I applied Mod Podge with my brush to the top side of the pumpkin and put it face down on the napkin. My first pumpkin, I put directly in the center of the napkin and the top of my pumpkin had a good deal of plain white. So on my second try, I put the center of the pumpkin in an area of the napkin that would still cover it all but where there was more color pattern on top. This turned out a lot prettier.

Then I applied Mod Podge around the middle outer edge of the pumpkin. I then slowly pressed the paper to the pumpkin smoothly working my way up. I continued to add Mod Podge until the entire pumpkin is covered.

I then had a good bit of excess napkin. I trimmed the extra so that it was closer to the pumpkin and then took piece by piece and glued it on top of another until it was smooth and flat, cutting away anything that made it too thick. I then set it on something safe to dry and rotated it to the other side after a little while.

Once it had dried completely, I felt with my finger where the hole for the stem was and used something sharp to push a neat hole through it. Then I twisted the stem back through the hole.

Thats it! Decorate with them in groups near your mantel, bookshelf, entry table or even in a bowl. I love this unique take on the season!

Southern Living’s latest edition was suggesting nearly the same thing, so it was perfect timing to receive this right after I finished. How y’all enjoy this fun fall DIY as much as I did. I’ve linked all the materials you need for this project in my Amazon store under “DIY Supplies” if you’d like to try it too. Let me know what you think!

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