The Eternal Optimist

So you can get a better idea of who I am and what JLeslie is all about, I figured we’d start this blog off with a little bit about me.

I was born in Statesboro in 1988, but my family later moved to Savannah in ’93. I have definitely been blessed to have called Savannah home. From its spanish moss draped oaks, the lowcountry marsh and beaches, to the history packed downtown, this city I call home has so much to offer. I never get sick of the views everywhere I turn. My husband is continuously asking, “don’t you already have 100 pictures of that?” Yes. so? haha

After graduating from the local Catholic all girls school here in 2007, I decided to attend the Ole Miss for college. I only knew of one other person my year attending and we didn’t know each other well (later became great friends). I loved the idea of starting fresh and falling in love daily with a place I knew nothing about, and that I did! I met my very best girl friends, gained sisters in my sorority Pi Beta Phi, and met my future husband Blake. I technically graduated in December of 2011, but walked in May. The previous January we took a family trip to Disney World where Blake proposed! It was incredible.

After graduation, I returned home to Savannah. I worked part-time at a local business and starting slowing helping out with my mom. In 2010, my mom was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia, Aphasia (meaning the word she is trying to say comes out as a different word or a fake word), and Parkinson Symptoms. As it became more difficult for her to do everyday tasks, I started spending more time helping her. We married in April of 2013 and bought our first fixer upper the following year.



I started my business shortly after our wedding and have been growing it ever since. Currently, I work 3 days a week with my mom as her caregiver while my dad is at work. She is bubbly, generous, and has the most radiant spirit. She amazes me daily. My faith in Christ helps me every day with my patience and understanding with mom and He helps me be the woman He envisioned me to be. The rest of my time is spent working hard on JLeslie!

I am a creative, picture-loving, eternal optimist who just loves love. I love all things southern, have a huge fear of missing out, and I enjoy learning more every day. I hope y’all stay tuned and follow along as I develop my business and continue into this next phase of married life! Feel free to let me know what y’all would be interested in hearing about; I’d love your feedback!


One thought on “The Eternal Optimist

  1. Bonnie Ricks says:

    Loved reading your life synopsis Jenna. You are so creative and talented. I can’t wait to see al the beautiful ideas and creations that will roll out of you!


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